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About Dr Philip Agrios

My Chronic Illness and Pain Disabled Me And I Was Never Supposed To Practice Again!

I started my practice in Oakhurst, NJ in 1986. However, in 2000 I became disabled due to two conditions: thoracic outlet syndrome (causes pain, weakness and numbness in the arms) and carpal tunnel syndrome. I was never supposed to practice again.

The year prior, I was experiencing 7 out of 10 of the most stressful things that can happen to someone. This all led to my disabling conditions as well as to a very hard decision I made in 2001. I sold my practice to my competitor. It was the end of my 15-year-old practice.

Over a few months, I felt I was not fulfilling my life’s purpose. At this point, I believed I was destined to begin the quest to reverse my own disability.

Throughout the following year, I created a program encompassing a regiment of nutritional therapy, chiropractic treatment, and a unique specialized strengthening program as well as changing my thought process through a technique I discovered.

With these therapies and looking at life in a different way, I was able to resume practicing.

This is why I love to work with chronic illness and pain patients. I was there. I understand the depression, the constant debilitating pain and the frustration of the many doctors I saw who did not know what to do with my chronic condition except curtail the pain with medications or who wanted to do surgery. I was not opting for the latter.

So I decided I would create my own health program by applying all of the different techniques and knowledge I accumulated over the years and combining them with a “thinking out of the box” approach to wellness.
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